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Fly/Sail 2017

  • 10/06/2017 11:00:00 to 11/06/2017 14:00:00
  • Bembridge Airport and Bembridge Harbour

Come and join this wonderful weekend of airmen showing sailors how to fly and sailors showing airmen how to sail . . great fun . .

Boats and aircraft should arrive by midday on the Saturday (boats can arrive from Thursday). Sailors will be taken to the airfield to join the aviators for lunch, followed by ~20-minute flights around the local coast.

Evening festivities and a meal at the yacht club lead to the aviators being accommodated overnight on the yachts.

Sunday morning sees the sailors taking the flyers for a sail; and after an informal lunch all fly or sail home.

This greatest fun weekend of the year is open to everyone although, if numbers become limiting, preference will be given to Institute members. There is no charge - just pay as you dine - although a small contribution towards the minibus cost may be requested.

If you wish to take part, please send your booking to solprog@rin.org.uk, Cc: to Mike Highwood on solsec@rin.org.uk, providing the following:

Yacht owners:
- Owner's name and crew numbers
- Boat name
- Boat length
- Single or multi hull
- Sail or power
- Number of spare bunks available for flyers overnight Sat 10 June
- Planned arrival and departure days (some may prefer to arrive Friday and/or leave Monday)
- Home port
- Home and mobile phone numbers
- Preferred e-mail address

Aircraft owners:
- Pilot and passenger names
- Aircraft type
- Aircraft call sign
- Number of passenger seats available for short flight by visiting sailors on Sat PM
- Should it be possible for local contact to arrange it, if you would prefer a B&B to sleeping on a yacht
- Home airfield
- Likely ETA at Bembridge on Sat 10 June and departure time on Sun 11 June
- Home and mobile phone numbers
- Preferred e-mail address

- If you would like to take part as yacht crew, please put forward your name and contact details.

If you have already indicated that you are planning to attend or likely to do so, please re-confirm your interest by providing the above information.

Organised by GANG and SCG in conjunction with the Solent Branch . . we look forward to seeing you in June . .

Links to the venues are below . .

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