Medal Winners

The RIN has four categories of medal, awarded to those who give outstanding service to the navigation world, or to the Institute itself. Criteria and nomination forms can be found at:

Harold Spencer-Jones Gold Medallists

This is the Institute's highest award, and is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution to navigation.

1951 HC Pritchard

1954 AMA Majendie

1955 Captain PVH Weems USN

1956 WJ O'Brien and HF Schwartz

1957 DH Sadler OBE

1959 JE Clegg

1960 Captain FJ Wylie OBE RN

1961 Sir Francis Chichester KBE

1963 Captiaine De Vaisseau L Oudet

1965 Wing Commander EW Anderson OBE DFC AFC

1967 Professor P Hugon

1968 Dr ES Calvert OBE

1969 Captain Alton B Moody USNR

1970 Captain Arnout Wepster

1971 K Adlard Coles

1973 Dr A Stratton

1974 Dr David lewis

1975 RNB Gatehouse

1976 GE Beck

1977 Dr CH Cotter

1978 RADM GS Ritchie CB DSC

1979 MW Richey MBE

1980 K Robson Brown

1982 Captain AN Cockcroft

1983 Dr BW Parkinson

1985 JH Beattie

1987 Dr F Hechler

1989 JED Williams

1990 Professor JF Kemp

1991 Captain WSG Morrison

1992 R Knox-Johnston CBE

1993 ER Swanson

1994 Captain K Larjo

1995 WF Blanchard

1996 JB Parker

1997 S Ratcliffe

1998 Lt Cdr HD Howse MBE DSC FRAS FSA RN

1999 Commander AE Fanning MBE DSC

2000 Sir Edward Fennessy CBE BSc SIEE FRIN/N Thompson

2001 Sir John Charnley CBE

2002 Professor Dr IR Durk Van Willigen

2003 JE Jeffrey

2004 JNF Lameijer

2005 Air Commodore DFH Grocott

2006 Professor Sir Martin Sweeting

2008 Professor V Ashkenazi

2009 Group Captain DW Broughton

2010 Professor JD Last

2011 Professor PA Cross

2013 Professor T Moore

2014 Professor Mandyam Srinivasan

2015 G Gibbons

2016 Dr N Ward

2017 Dr P Mattos

2018 <not awarded>

2019 Professor Washington Ochieng

2020 Tristan Gooley

JED Williams Medallists

The JED Williams Medal is awarded for an outstanding contribution to the affairs of the Institute.

1996 JD Todd

1997 Prof JF Kemp

1998 Rear Admiral RM Burgoyne

2000 N Heath & N Gardner

2001 Sid and Joan Smith

2002 MA Highwood

2003 H Cullen

2004 Air Commodore DFH Grocott

2005 Brian & Mark Kendal

2006 WH Sandford

2007 TF Hayward & IA Stitt

2008 AV Cherry

2009 JO Hasselgren & RP Harrison-Page

2010 Dr R Filjar & Professor AP Norris

2011 Dr ND Hughes OBE

2012 J Gentleman

2013 C Hatton

2014 Ms C Robinson & Mrs B Wright

2015 Squadron Leader J Cairns RAF & D Cockburn

2016 Professor T Moore & PK Hope-Lang

2017 R Hollingdale &D Pike

2018 D Goddard & R McKinlay

2019 K Hossain & R Angel

2020 D Broughton & N Randall

Michael Richey Medallists

For authors of the best paper in each volume of the Journal of Navigation

1950 RF Hansford, CS Durst, and Captain FJ Wylie RN

1951 Captain FJ Wylie RN

1952 RB Coulson and VD Burgmann

1953 Wing Commander EW Anderson OBE DFC AFC RAF

1954 Captain RC Alabaster DSO DFC

1955 ES Calvert

1956 CS Durst OBE

1957 Captain CJ Wynne-Edwards DSC RN

1958 JED Williams

1959 Wing Commander EW Anderson OBE DFC AFC RAF

1960 WJ Charnley

1961 ES Calvert

1962 Dr SH Hollingdale

1963 Major WL Polhemus USAF

1965 Captain AF Dickson

1966 E Heap

1967 PG Reich

1968 Captain A Wepster

1969 Dr Hatsuzo Tani

1970 Dr GER Deacon CBE FRS

1971 WE Silver and Dr A Stratton

1972 Captain R Maybourn

1973 Professor WJ Pierson

1974 JP Hooft

1975 Dr A Stratton

1976 Dr Elisabeth Goodwin

1977 Dr David Lewis

1980 VW Attwooll

1981 Dr ECB Corlett

1982 M O'Rathaille and Dr P Wiedemann

1983 Captain AN Cockcroft

1984 S Ratcliffe

1985 RF Stokes and SG Smith

1986 Dr WK Lyon

1987 VW Attwooll and Dr A Benoit

1988 Professor V Askenazi

1989 Dr JF Jordan

1990 JED Williams

1991 WF Blanchard

1992 Professor PA Cross

1993 Dr Rolf Johannessen

1994 Professor Sun Guangqi

1995 Ben Finney

1996 Brian Kendal

1997 Captain PW Horton

1998 Air Commodore Norman Bonnor RAF

1999 Wing Commander PF Steele

2000 Professor AH Dodson

2001 J Beukers

2002 SJ Leighton

2003 MH Lutzhoft and SWA Dekker

2004 Air Commodore DFH Grocott RAF

2005 Dr P Brooker

2006 Dr G Lachapelle, R Stirling and K Fyfe

2007 Dr S Feng, Dr WY Ochieng Dr D Walsh and R Ioamides

2008 Dr W Naeem, Professor R Sutton and Dr J Chudley

2009 Professor T Moore, Professor A Norris, Dr CJ Hill, Dr D Park, Dr C Hide, Dr N Ward/A Banks, J Vincent, and K Phalp

2010 Dr AJ Grant, Dr S Basker, Dr N Ward, Dr P Williams

2011 G MacGougan, K O'Keefe, R Klukass/S Lo, B Peterson, T Hardy, P Enge

2012 Professor W Ochieng, Dr W Schuster

2013 Wen Yong Zhi, Zhang Zejian, Wu Jie

2014 Lurisa Dunai, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnes, Eduard Lluna, Beatriz Defez

2015 Yan Lee, Dr Jianguo Jack Wang

2016 Chris Ashton, Alan Schuster Bruce, Gary Colledge and Mark Dickinson

2017 Octavian Thor Pletter, Cristian Emil Constantinescu and István Barna Jakab

2018 Professor J Kemp

2019 Mark Dumville, S Thombre, M Zahidul, H Bhuiyan, P Eliardsson, B Gabrielsson, M Pattinson, D Fryganiotis, S Hill, V Manikundalam, M Poloskey, S Lee, L Ruotsalainen, S Soderholm and H Kuusniemi

2020 Hongguang Lyu, Yong Yin

The Duke of Edinburgh's Navigation Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement

In 2011, the RIN's Technical Excellence Award changed its name, becoming the Duke of Edinburgh's Navigation Award for Technical Achievement. Companies or individuals who wish to be considered for the award in any given year should write in the first instance, making their case to the Director, at:

1 Kensington Gore

2011 Barry Wade - in recognition of his leading role in the development of SharpEye marine radar at Kelvin Hughes Ltd.

2012 GLONASS - in recognition of achieving a complete operational constellation of satellites in December 2011, thus providing a full global positioning and timing service.

2013 National Air Traffic Services (NATS) - in recognition of having developed iFACTS, one of the most advanced air traffic control systems in the world.

2014 National Physical Laboratory - in recognition of its long term atomic clock development programme.

2015 European Space Agency - in recognition of the extraordinary achievement of the Rosetta mission, which succeeded in first intercepting the comet

67P/Churyomov-Gerasimenko, and then in landing its lander module, Philae, on it.

2016 Spirent Communications Plc - in recognition of the leading role it has had since 1985 in the evolution of Global Navigation Satellite Systems through the development of test and simulation equipment for each space-based navigation system, often in advance of its deployment.

2017 Ordnance Survey - in recognition of sustained and continuing innovation as the national mapping agency for Great Britain. Producing more and more accurate geographical data and making this data widely available in diverse formats including free and mobile applications.

2018 Chronos Technology Ltd - in recognition of technical excellence and authority in satellite navigation and timing vulnerabilities and mitigation.

2019 what3words

2020 Focal Point Positioning Ltd - In recognition of pioneering innovations in motion modelling and navigation sensor signal processing, enabling next generation mobile positioning, navigation and timing.