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Cognitive Navigation Group


For the brains behind smarter navigation

What We Do

CogNav aims to be a forum for academics and industry experts to exchange knowledge and ideas. We do this through symposia, evening discussion meetings, articles, videos and social media. Some example articles and videos are below: the rest can be accessed from the members’ area . If you would like to add to this collection, please email Kate Jeffery


Forthcoming events are available below. Past events:

  • Cognitive Navigation Symposium, INC2018, Bristol, November 2018
  • Vision and navigation evening roundtable, UCL, July 2018
  • Dementia and Navigation evening roundtable, UCL, Feb 2018
  • Urban Wayfinding symposium, UCL, June 2017
  • Cognitive Navigation symposium, Trinity House, June 2015

  • Publications



    Cognitive Neuroscience and Architecture – Kate Jeffery. From the Conscious Cities Festival 2018

    Human navigation and how it relates to information design - Colette Jeffrey. From INC17

    Urban wayfinding & neuroscience - Kate Jeffery. From the Urban Wayfinding Meeting, June 2017


    Event Highlights

    Upcoming Event:

    Cognitive Navigation Symposium:

    Sense of Direction

    Gustave Lecture Theatre, UCL

    2 September 2019

    Join us to learn how emerging findings from the study of spatial orientation in animals and humans may help solve practical problems of human navigation in a joint initiative between University College London and the Royal Institute of Navigation.

    Click here for more info.