14th Baška GNSS Conference

17-21 May 2020, Baška, Krk Island, Croatia

The 14th Royal Institute of Navigation Annual Baška GNSS Conference: Technologies, Techniques and Applications across PNT

Delegate welcome reception: Sunday evening 17 May 2020

GNSS Conference: 18-19 May 2020

Smart Blue & Green Maritime Technologies: 20-21 May 2020

GNSS Conference Topics (including, but not limited to):

Papers and contributions are invited in the following areas. Please follow the call for papers tab of this site to submit an abstract.

  • GNSS & SBAS – performance, operation, limitations, vulnerabilities, services and development:
  • Core satellite navigation developments
  • GNSS signals and spectrum utilisation, management and protection
  • Mathematics of satellite navigation
  • GNSS positioning error budget:
    • Space weather, geomagnetic, ionospheric and tropospheric impacts on satellite positioning, services and performance
    • Intentional and artificial disturbances and disruptions to positioning, performance and operation (jamming, spoofing, meaconing and blocking)
    • GNSS-denied environments: detection and mitigation solutions
    • GNSS resilience against natural, micro-environmental and intentional disturbances: methods of detection, solutions and mitigation
  • Standard, critical, current, planned, and possible GNSS applications:
    • Satellite navigation services in transportation branches
    • Development of MEOSAR space segment
    • Personal navigation and navigation of autonomous vehicles
    • Non-navigation applications
  • GNSS Internet of Things
  • GNSS Augmented Reality
  • GNSS and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data analysis, statistical learning on GNSS-based data
  • Advancements in GNSS receiver design
  • Assisted GNSS
  • GNSS precise positioning: PPP, RTK, DGNSS, PPP Ambiguity Resolution
  • Network RTK
  • Multi-GNSS positioning
  • Triple and quadruple GNSS frequency receivers
  • GNSS remote sensing: reflectometry and radio occultation
  • Space/satellite geodesy;
  • GNSS and Earth observations
  • Legal aspects of GNSS utilisation
  • GNSS forensics and risk assessment
  • GNSS research and education
  • INS hybridisation and sensor fusion
  • GNSS integration

SBGMT Workshop Topics (including, but not limited to):

Papers and contributions are invited in the following areas. Please follow the call for papers tab of this site to submit an abstract.

  • Smart and environmentally friendly shipping
  • Blue and green technologies and solutions in maritime sector
  • Marine renewable energy sources
  • Decision support systems in navigation:
    • Voyage planning
    • Weather routing
    • Collision avoidance
    • Condition monitoring
    • Polar navigation
  • Digital navigation improvements:
    • Chart radars and new generation radar and tracking systems
    • Terrestrial and Satellite AIS, AIS ASM, VDES
    • ECDIS concepts, navigation information systems, data fusion and equipment integration
    • Integrated navigation/bridge systems
    • Search & Rescue systems
    • Cloud-based navigation
    • e-Navigation
  • Positioning, navigation and timing:
    • GNSS PNT
    • GNSS + INS systems
    • Alternative PNT technologies
  • Inertial navigation systems
  • On-board measurements and advanced signal processing
  • Computational intelligence and machine learning for data analysis and ship intelligence
  • Advance guidance, navigation, filtering, estimation and control algorithms
  • Marine propulsion systems
  • Autonomous systems and navigation
  • Manned vs. unmanned navigation
  • Underwater systems and technologies
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Risk assessment in marine systems