About Navigation 2021

15-18 November 2021, EICC Edinburgh

A Global Showcase

In November 2021 the International Navigation Conference (INC), European Navigation Conference (ENC), and the International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN) World Congress will come together as one truly global showcase in Scotland.

Navigation 2021 on November 15th – 18th at the EICC Edinburgh, Scotland will bring together experts from industry, research institutions, government agencies and investors whose primary goal is to work together towards a more navigable world.

The unique aspects of Navigation 2021 are the great networking opportunities, more keynotes to offer better context and perspective, and the widest global participation.

Why Choose Navigation 2021?

  • Explore global perspectives from researchers and industry
  • Benchmark your project or research with others across the globe
  • Learn true insights and vision from leading keynotes
  • Network with navigation professionals from across the world from industry, academia and government
  • Access the very latest tools, technology and services available from the experts in the exhibition zone
  • Understand how your increased awareness can add value in your own projects and initiatives
  • Have fun while you are doing all this – a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, interactive formats, cocktail receptions and social activities in Edinburgh. We particularly welcome new delegates
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