Why INC?

Navigation and Societal Benefits: From Animals to Autonomy

Session Themes:

Autonomy and Innovations in Robotics | Animal Navigation | Resilient PNT | Neuroscience and Cognition | Human Factors and Wayfinding | Innovation: Integrated Sensors and Indoor Navigation | Innovation: Artificial Intelligence | Innovative Navigation Solutions | User Sector Updates: CNI and Maritime | Scottish-led Innovation in Positioning, Navigation and Timing | Drone Regulation and Protection | UK Space and GNSS

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Gain Insight, Perspective & Contacts

We believe strongly in the value of bringing people together to share knowledge, perspectives and insights. We strive to make INC an enriching experience for all delegates, irrespective of experience or discipline.

The format of INC is designed to offer more keynote speakers - to set the scene for the session papers; and we've designed the programme to offer plenty of time for networking, including social events on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. We aim for each delegate to leave INC with new insights, ideas and contacts.

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2018/9 Speaker Spotlight

Prof Terry Moore

Director of Nottingham Geospatial Institute, University of Nottingham. President Royal Institute of Navigation

Prof Washington Y. Ochieng

Head of the Centre for Transport Studies & Chair of Positioning and Navigation Systems, Imperial College London

Prof Ruth Dalton

Professor of Building Usability and Visualisation, Director of Research - Architecture and Built Environment, University of Northumbria

Ed Parsons

Geospatial Technologist and Technology Evangelist, Google

Prof Dr Sc Kristijan Lenac

Associate Professor Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka

Jeremy Morley

Chief Geospatial Scientist, Ordnance Survey

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