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Third edition available of tug use in ports

15 April 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Thomas Wakelin
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Navigating your ship with the aid of tugs is a very important skill for Ship Pilots, Masters and Tug Masters 

Ship handling with tugboats is an art created through science. Tug Use in Port by Capt. Henk Hensen explains the scientific foundation of the intricate ballet resulting from the concerted interaction of the pilot and tug master and their charges.

This latest enhancement of Hensen’s work bridges the years since 2002 when the second edition of this industry standard was published. During the intervening years there have been numerous advances in tug design, tug usage in ship docking and escorting, and tug and ship-handling training methods, as well as increased safety regulation and oversight. In his third edition, Hensen addresses these advances and changes in both a scientific and practical manner for their operational application. The subtitle of the book, “A Practical Guide,” is apt.

In addition to pilots and tug masters, Tug Use in Port will be useful to tug company and port authority personnel in their decision-making processes regarding the protection of infrastructure and risk minimization.

In 2002 in the United States, tractor tugs — generally azimuthing stern drive or ASD tugs — were just beginning to appear more broadly for ship assist. Since then, tractor tugs have become commonly used in most ports. In addition to tractor tugs, we now have ship docking module (SDM) tugs, Z-Tech tugs and Rotortugs on the U.S. ship-handling canvas. Looking to the future, we eagerly await the appearance of the reverse stern drive (RSD) tug with its enhanced capabilities through the incorporation of several attributes of the other modern tug types. Hensen provides the reader with a detailed description of this new innovative tug, one of which has recently been visiting various European ports and engaging in practical demonstrations.

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