Council Members


Council Membership 2018-19



Prof Terry Moore


Vice Presidents

Rod Angel

Prof Kate J Jeffery



Dr Mike A Hadley


Chair of the Technical Committee

Bob Cockshott


Chair of the Membership & Fellowship Committee

Lt Cdr Adam Egeland-Jensen RN


Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee

Phil Butlin


Other Members of Council

Rob J Crabbe

Kim P Fischer

Simon Gaskin

Dr Alan Grant

Dr Paul Hanna

Keith Hope-Lang

Robert Orr

Roderick Douglas (Dag) Pike

Andy Proctor


Ex Officio Members

Martin Foulger - Industry

Lt Cdr Tom Howe RN - RN

Wg Cdr Gavin Pattison RAF- RAF


Immediate Past President

Capt James B Taylor OBE RN