Journal of Navigation
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The Journal of Navigation

ISSN: 0373-4633 (Print), 1469-7785 (Online)
Editor: Dr Ana Basiri, Lecturer in Spatial Data Science and Visualisation at University College London

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The RIN publishes the world-renowned Journal of Navigation quarterly, featuring the best new academic research in navigation. The Journal contains original papers on the science of navigation by man and animals over land and sea and through air and space. Papers cover every aspect of navigation, from the highly technical to the descriptive and historical.

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Latest Articles

Improvement of Single-Frequency GPS Positioning Performance Based on EGNOS Corrections in Algeria

Lahouaria Tabti, Salem Kahlouche, Belkacem Benadda and Bilal Beldjilali Published online: 17 January 2020

Fix Probabilities from LOP Geometry

George H. Kaplan Published online: 13 January 2020

Real-Time Estimation and Calibration of GLONASS Inter-Frequency Phase and Code Bias

Zhixin Yang, Hui Liu, Yidong Lou, Bao Shu, Longwei Xu, Yifei Wang and Baofei Xie Published online: 26 December 2019

Online Heuristically Planning for Relative Optimal Paths Using a Stochastic Algorithm for USVs

Naifeng Wen, Rubo Zhang, Guanqun Liu and Junwei Wu Published online: 23 December 2019

Drafting Route Plan Templates for Ships on the Basis of AIS Historical Data

Krzysztof Naus Published online: 23 December 2019

A Risk Assessment of Ships Groundings in Rivers: The Case of Parana River

Hristos Karahalios Published online: 11 December 2019