Presidents and Directors


Presidents and Directors of the RIN


Presidents of the RIN

From its very beginning, the RIN has had a President. Presidents have frequently served terms of two or three years, including since our Incorporation by Royal Charter. The Institute has been very fortunate to number some of the leading lights in nearly 70 years of navigation among its presidents, and we thank them all for their service to the Institute.

Term       President

1947-1949      Sir Harold Spencer Jones KBE

1949-1951      Sir Robert Watson-Watt CB

1951-1953      Vice Admiral Sir Archibald Day KBE CB DSO RN

1953-1955      D H Sadler OBE

1955-1957      A M A Majendie

1957-1959      Captain F J Wylie OBE RN

1959-1961      Wing Commander E W Anderson OBE DFC AFC RAF

1961-1964      Sir George Deacon CBE

1964-1967      Rear Admiral Sir Edmund Irving KBE CB RN

1967-1970      Dr A Stratton

1970-1972      Rear Admiral G S Ritchie CB DSC RN

1972-1975      G E Beck

1975-1978      Sir Edward Fennessy CBE

1978-1981      Captain R Maybourn OBE

1981-1984      Captain B J Calvert

1984-1987      J E D Williams

1987-1990      Sir John Charnley CB

1990-1993      N B Dahl

1993-1996      W F Blanchard

1996-1999      Air Commodore D F H Grocott CBE AFC RAF

1999-2002      Captain R A Smith RN

2002-2005      Air Commodore N Bonnor RAF

2005-2008      Professor J D Last

2008-2011      Group Captain D H Barnes OBE RAF

2011-2013      C M D Beatty

2013-2015      R A McKinlay

2015-2018      Captain J B Taylor OBE RN

2018-              Professor Terry Moore


Directors of the RIN

It takes a very special skillset to guide the Royal Institute of Navigation - to oversee innovations to ensure the Institute stays relevant, to ensure the delivery of its core value to members, and to lead the world's foremost institute of navigation in both its day-to-day and its longer-term strategic affairs. To date there have been only five Directors of the Institute, their careers in the role spanning 70 years of navigation development and radical changes to the navigation world.

Term       Director

1947-1982      M W Richey MBE

1983-1992      Rear Admiral R M Burgoyne CB RN

1992-2009      Group Captain D W Broughton MBE RAF

2010-2016      Captain P C Chapman-Andrews LVO MBE RN

2017-              J R Pottle BSc MBA FIET