Groups and Branches

Groups and Branches

The RIN has a variety of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Branches to cater for our member’s broad spectrum of interests and localities. One of the aims of the RIN is to unite in one body those interested in navigation – SIGs provide the opportunity to go one step further and unite in a group those interested in specific areas of navigation such as general aviation or cognitive navigation, while Branches unite members based on where they live.

Members of the RIN have are encouraged to join our SIGs and Branches to enjoy the multitude of benefits, such as dedicated events, seminars, conferences and trips. By getting involved you’ll have the chance to be at the heart of debate, receive the latest information, attend events and share views with leading experts in your chosen sphere.

We actively encourage our members to get more involved in their chosen SIGs and Branches to help shape the direction of the Institute.

Special Interest Groups

 The RIN currently has six active SIGs, covering a wide variety of topics from animal navigation to the use of modern satellite navigation systems. To find out more about our active SIGs please click the relevant icons below. If your interest is sparked by one of the dormant SIGs listed below, and if you would be interested in getting involved, then please get in touch with us.


Small Craft Group

The Small Craft Group (SCG) provides information and shares best practices on electronic navigation systems and aids to navigation. Group members share a common desire to navigate efficiently and safely on-board small craft.

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Cognition and Navigation Group

The Cognition and Navigation Group (COGNAV) group aims to bring together academics and those working in industry in order to provide a two-way conduit for scientific knowledge.

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Animal Navigation Group

The Animal Navigation Group (ANG) provides a focal point for members interested in animal migration, orientation and navigation.

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General Aviation Navigation Group

The General Aviation Navigation Group (GANG) follows usage and developments in GA navigation, notes problems and passes recommended solutions to appropriate authorities and organisations.

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History of Air Navigation Group

The History of Air Navigation Group (HANG) was formed when members became concerned that whilst much had been written on the history of marine navigation, little had been done to record the developments that had taken place in the air.

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Professional Marine Navigation Group

The Professional Marine Navigation Group (PMNG) aims to provide a focal point for members involved with all aspects of the navigation of commercial seagoing vessels of all types from fishing vessels, ferries, offshore support vessels (OSVs), survey vessels and mega yachts to tankers, container ships, bulk carriers and cruise ships.

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Civil and Military Aviation Group

The Civil and Military Aviation Group (CMAG) is currently incoporated within GANG, however we are looking for your input to breathe new life into the group. We will be looking to organise a meeting of those who have expressed interest. If you're interested in getting involved please contact

Younger Members' Group

The Younger Members' Group is a new RIN initiative that has been set up as part of the Institute's strategy to to enable younger members to organise and run a group that meets their needs. If you'd like to develop your career and academic-industry connections, influence the future events and activities of the RIN or be part of a navigation community then check out the YMG!

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 The RIN has regional Branches in some of Britain's navigation hotspots, as well as some in Europe. Any member who lives in an area where the RIN has a regional Branch automatically becomes a member of that Branch when they join the Institute. Branch members get access to a lively programme of events in their area, designed to target the navigation issues and history of the region. To find out more about our various Branches please click on the relevant icons below. If your area doesn’t have a Branch, but you think it should, or would be prepared to start one, please get in touch with us.


Anglian Branch

Croatian Branch

East Midlands Branch



Irish Branch



Scottish Branch

Solent Branch



South West Branch

The South West Branch is looking for your input. We are calling for the involvement of our members to breathe new life into the branch. We will be looking to organise a meeting of those who have expressed interest before the summer. If you're interested in getting involved please contact