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Investigating the Effects of Bridge Alarms – Survey Results

24 July 2019   (0 Comments)
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A 2017/2018 survey has shown that frequently sounding alarms and poorly designed alarm panels in Ship Wheelhouses is causing "Alarm Fatigue" amongst Navigators and impeding proper navigation of vessels.

The survey results have been outlined by the Ship Owners’ Club online here:

The Ship Owners' Club is sharing this information to help facilitate further discussion of the topic in the industry with the hope of finding a method to provide a solution which improves bridge alarm management on board. They note that ‘it is evident from the feedback of these seafarers that the current regulations and arrangements relating to bridge alarm monitoring and systems can be improved upon to allow crew to fully utilise the benefits of the technology being made available to them. Doing so would improve the working environment of seafarers and may assist with the reduction of related claims experienced by Members and the wider maritime industry.’