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Notice from MCA - Shipping Forecast Updates

30 March 2020   (0 Comments)
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Notice from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)

The Shipping Forecast is part of the fabric of Radio 4 and an important public service. However, we are dealing with an unprecedented emergency which requires some very difficult choices. The complicated staffing and technical challenges we’re facing mean that Radio 4 is amending its’ broadcast schedules and staffing. This will result in some changes which will impact the Shipping Forecast but will enable to us to deliver the best possible service in the circumstances.

From Monday March 30th, Radio 4 will effectively start later at 0530am.

On weekdays this will result in the Shipping Forecast being moved to 0533 on FM and LW. It will be read as now by the duty Weather presenter.
The 1200 SF will be broadcast on FM and LW and read by the announcer.
The 1800 on LW will be dropped.
The 0048 will be broadcast as usual on FM and LW by the announcer. There is a possibility that we may have to move it to 0015 in time.

At weekends, the early broadcast will also be at 0533 on FM and LW.
The midday SF will be dropped.
The 1800 will be broadcast on FM and LW.
The 0048 will be broadcast on FM and LW as now.

We’ve taken these decisions with serious consideration of our own resources and with a view to protecting the Shipping Forecast as much as possible.

Coast and Sea information on the BBC Weather website will not be affected.