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AR & AI for new vehicle satnavs

29 November 2018   (0 Comments)
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A new line of vehicle satnavs, employing both augmented reality (AR) & artificial intelligence (AI) is to be launched in 2019.

US company Phiar, which specialises in deep learning and computer vision techniques, has adapted the science to road understanding AI in real time.

And the analysis of objects and contextual information can be undertaken through a single smartphone camera that runs entirely within the device - not requiring any cloud or peripheral processing.

Placing the phone on the dashboard gives the view ahead overlaid with a path showing route guidance, but also warning of adjacent vehicles, pedestrians and objects. By storing the last 30 minutes of viewing, the phone also becomes a dash cam.

Phiar has raised $3 million seed funding for the project and hopes to release the smart phone application by mid-2019.

Further details from Phiar