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UK to abandon secure Galileo

02 December 2018   (0 Comments)
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The Prime Minister has confirmed that the UK will not use the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) after Brexit.

On 1 December the Government confirmed that it will explore options to build its own GNSS for both military and civilian use, and will continue to work with the US on accessing military GPS signals.

British Armed Forces were due to have access to Galileo’s encrypted signals, but the National Cyber Security Centre and MoD have concluded that it would not be in the UK’s security interests to use them if it had not been fully involved in their development.

The UK Space Agency (UKSA) is leading the work, supported by MoD, and the British system will provide both open and encrypted signals, as do GPS and Galileo.

The Prime Minister explains:
‘I have been clear from the outset that the UK will remain firmly committed to Europe’s collective security after Brexit. But given the Commission’s decision to bar the UK from being fully involved in developing all aspects of Galileo, it is only right that we find alternatives. I cannot let our Armed Services depend on a system we cannot be sure of. That would not be in our national interest. And as a global player with world-class engineers and steadfast allies around the world, we are not short of options.’

In August, the Government invited UK industry and institutions to develop options, allocating £92 million to the project. Since then, over 50 national responses have been received, and a series of key contracts are now being tendered.

UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies would be used to provide the global ground network required.

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