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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston FRIN celebrating his 50th Year Anniversary

23 April 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Thomas Wakelin
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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, FRIN, celebrating his 50th year anniversary on the 22nd April of becoming the first person to sail solo and non-stop around the world.

Image Credit: The Clipper Race (Twitter: @ClipperRace)

Britain’s leading sailors are paying tribute to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston FRIN today on the 50th anniversary of the date, 22 April 1969, that he entered history books as the first person to ever sail solo, non-stop around the world.

Image Credit: Sir Robin Knox-Johnston FRIN taken in 1969 (Twitter: @SirRKJ)

Sir Robin and his 32-ft yacht from that voyage, Suhaili, which has been lovingly hand-restored, along with a support flotilla, are heading back to the same spot on the water in Falmouth Harbour today to re-create the exact time, 1525, when he crossed the finish line of The Sunday Times Golden Globe Race and returned home to scenes of national jubilation after 312 days alone at sea.

Leading round the world yachtswoman Dee Caffari commented: “We often talk about the achievement of being the first man on the moon, and I think you can make a very similar comparison to Sir Robin for sailing around the world. He created that first non-stop sail that nobody thought was possible. It hadn’t been done until he completed it and he laid that pathway for all of us to follow.”

Inspired by Sir Francis Chichester, who had sailed around the world but had stopped in Australia, there was one achievement left in Robin’s mind; to be first to go solo, non-stop. He faced huge challenges in his quest to complete the unknown. Not only during the journey itself but also from sceptics. Could it actually be done? Would the boat hold up? Wouldn’t you go mad? How long would it take? Was Robin the man to achieve this feat?

Image Credit: Sir Robin Knox-Johnston FRIN taken in 2019 (Twitter: @SirRKJ)

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