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Successful GLONASS launch

12 December 2019   (0 Comments)
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The 59th GLONASS satellite was launched on 11 December from the Plasetsk launch site.

The launch had been delayed from 2 to 10 December for satellite technical reasons and for a further 24 hours due to a launch rocket issue.

The Soyuz 2 booster lifted off from Plasetsk at 1154 local time (0854 UTC). After ~3.5 hours the GLONASS-M was placed in a near-circular orbit of 19,100 km (~10,300 NM) inclined at 64.8º.

The GLONASS constellation comprises 28 satellites, requiring 24 in 3 orbits for full worldwide cover.  Currently, there are 22 operational, with the others in maintenance, commissioning, flight-test or acting as spares. Spacecraft design life is 7 years.

Further details from RussianSpaceWeb