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Car completes UK’s longest autonomous journey

07 February 2020   (0 Comments)
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The car successfully completed the UK’s longest and most complex self-navigated journey of 230 miles.

The car was developed with advanced vehicle engineering research and testing facilities at Cranfield University and travelled from the Nissan European Technical Centre at Cranfield to the Nissan factory in Sunderland. The autonomous journey was alongside regular road users and is claimed to be a significant milestone in the development of autonomous cars.

Systems developed at Cranfield led to the car being able to successfully navigate many challenging scenarios, including driving around other road users including cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles, as well as negotiating roundabouts and junctions.

Cranfield’s Head of the Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre and Professor of Automotive Engineering comments:
’The automotive sector is changing at a rate not seen for many decades, with car manufacturers and technology companies rapidly developing new autonomous systems that will redefine the future of transport.’

‘Cranfield’s role in this project has been to develop ways of measuring human-like driving behaviour and then verify that this is reflected in the autonomous driving style of the cars. Our Multi-User Environment for Autonomous Vehicle Innovation (MUEAVI) - a ‘smart’ road-test environment, which is a first of its kind in the UK, built alongside a research airport within the controlled setting of a University campus - has been used to analyse and fine-tune the autonomous vehicle’s perception and control systems that have produced the human-like driving characteristics.’

Further details from Cranfield University